We are happy to provide free consultations where we will discuss your needs and requirements. In doing so we will ensure that the body piercing you receive will provide the pleasure you require for many years.


The studio is constantly available for aftercare queries and all customers are initially provided with comprehensive advice.

We believe in providing an outstanding, sterile, professional body piercing service and have built our reputation on this belief.

We adhere to the EU nickel directive 94/27/EEC that states, body piercing assemblies present during epithelisation must be homogenous and contain no more than 500ppm of nickel and also, that body piercing assemblies worn in the body once the wound has healed must release nickel at a rate of no more than 0.5ug/cm2/week.


Please be aware that we pierce our customers with individually pre-packed, sterile, canula needles. We do not use or condone the use of piercing guns, for several good reasons

Body Piercing Restrictions

12 - 15 years:
We must have a parent/guardian present to sign a consent form.
We will not pierce tongues, nipples or genitals.


16 - 17 years:
We will want to telephone a parent/guardian to confirm their consent.
For female nipples we will require a parent/guardian to be present. We will not pierce genitals.


18 years +:
No restrictions, although photo ID. may be necessary at our discretion.




In our body piercing studio we follow the strictest hygiene regime taking advice from Health and Safety executives and sterilisation specialists and believe that the well being of our clients is of the utmost importance.